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Your WiFi network as a marketing platform

Marketing campaigns are very easy to develop to have the data such as your name, age, email, the city where they live, etc. You can target strategies using mass email, facebook or twitter, surveys and more.

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    Visitors connnect to your WiFi network using their phone, tablets or laptops

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    Your fully customized WiFi Network Access Portal prompts visitors to log in

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    Your visitors get online and your WiFi network says goodbye to any simple password

Fully Customizable Access Portals

With our portals designer, you can make a fully customized access portal with the branding of your restaurant, hotel, bar, gym or another venue where you want to offer free WiFi.

Customize all aspects of your access portal, promote your brand and build a marketing list with your visitors information. Share with them, your business information.

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Marketing Tools

Connect your facebook fans using mailchimp for email campaigns and send automated emails with offers, notifications and promotions.

Increase your marketing lists and reach more leads with less effort or you can send these leads to your crm automatically.

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    • Your customers do not need to fill out forms, is a very quick and easy process.
    • Use this data to make effective marketing campaigns.
    • Get customer names, emails, birthdays and more.


    • Send offers and targeted advertising for age, sex, city, etc.
    • Download the data in any format or integrate with your CRM.
    • Customers give you a Like to a your FB Page and get free WiFi with our Facebook Likes plugin.


    • You can also get Facebook check in for your restaurant, bar, gym, etc.
    • Save time employees, no more customers asking for your password of WiFi.
    • Data capture is easy and secure way, our entire app has secure https.

LogicWiFi simplifies the way you control your WiFi network.

Business Hours

We have a 24/7 support hours but in our offices We can help you in this hours:

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