Simplify access to your WiFi network

For your guests it is important to have Internet access, from the first moment you arrive at your hotel room, with our solution for WiFi networks in hotels can guarantee a first class experience and smoothly. With 100% personalized portals access and using your corporate image.

Use cards with PIN for easy access

Offer to your guests and visitors experience first when seeking access to the WiFi network without being reminded of information. With just enter your pin and have Internet access..

It is important to understand that use is being given to guests at the hotel to the WiFi network to make decisions and control variables that provide optimal service.

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Billing for your WiFi Service

With our billing module you can charge your hotel guest for WiFi service usage, can easily create plans, vouchers and more. You can get an alternative income with your WiFi.

  • Hospitality Features

    • Guests enter to the access portal using a secret PIN.
    • See consumption data for your WiFi network, using filters to a segmented analysis.
    • Easily control access and stop using WiFi passwords on a paper.


    • Define access billed plans or free for your guests.
    • Analysis of WiFi usage.
    • Take decisions in real time and avoid performance problems, ensuring guests a first class experience.


    • Have a view of all the necessary metrics to your WiFi network is efficient and stable.
    • Access portal with your brand.
    • You can monetize your WiFi network using our integrated billing solution.

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