Smarter classrooms, more connected

On the Internet there are millions of pages where your students can access and get a lot of information to supplement their education, it is also very useful for your teachers and would add value to the form of education at your institution. You can offer Internet safely, access control and more.

Classrooms connected to the Internet with more knowledge.

Do not limit access to information that students can obtain eg at wikipedia. It is important that teachers are supported by more and more data sources from different universities around the world.

Define where you can access the students, where you can access teachers and much more. Have control of what you can see and set schedules, with our content filters you can be sure that there is no access to pages or Internet services that are not a child of educational interest.

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Self Service Portal

You can easily create a self service portal for your students, where they can register their devices, enroll for activities, events and look for information in the school intranet, and more.

And integrate your current school or collegue software with our platform, for access to your WiFi network.

  • Education

    • Easily create lists of URLs which prohibit access.
    • Fully secure using content filtering network wide.
    • Make audit of access url where people connected to your WiFi network.


    • You can have multiple WiFi networks for students, professors, staff and more.
    • Each WiFi network is totally independent of the other, with a unique name.
    • You can have multiple access portals, each group focused on particular user.


    • With no limits in users quantity, You can control your network since our dashboard with few clicks.
    • Save time in the onboarding of your students, We can provide a portal in your network for your studens enroll.
    • Connect with your systems and make the life easy for your students and professors.

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