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Secure onboarding for employees and visitors

We have solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, which have needs to control access to its network of fully automated. You can use GSuite, TACACS +, Radius, LDAP, Active Directory and Single Sign-On.

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    Your employees connnect to your WiFi network using their phone, tablets or laptops

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    Your fully customized WiFi Network Access Portal prompts visitors to log in using GSuite for example

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    Your employees get online and your WiFi network says goodbye to any simple password

No critical impact on your current WiFi network

No need to change anything to use our WiFi networks controllers, just connect to your network and access to the dashboard in the cloud.

Our technology in the network controllers has the capability to be completely transparent to your wireless access points. You can set profiles which control all parameters such as bandwidth, firewall, port forwarding and more.

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Application Management

Your IT department can control what app your employees can use in your network, specify Who, What and When with few clicks.

Control they access by users groups, create them dynamically by your organization needs.

  • Corporate WiFi

    • One-time, secure login across any department, building, site, city.
    • IPsec support for your network, giving you an extra layer of security and peace of mind for your company.
    • You can establish acceptable use policies, tailored to your company.


    • On your network you can rely on technology AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting).
    • Controls who can access what, how, when and where.
    • No extra accounts or passwords.


    • Using the AAA protocol can support their analytical queries of any parameter on your network.
    • Fully compliance with RADIUS and IEEE 802.1X standards.
    • Accounted for usage data network, bandwidth per user, device type and even where users connect.

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